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Quota Admission: 1st Round for the Academic Year 2025 (Dek68)

Type : Quota Admission 1st Round for The Academic Year 2025

General Qualifications of Applicants

  • A student studying in M.6, Grade 12, Year 13, or with a GED
  • Academic results (GPAX) for 4-6 semesters not lower than 2.50
  • Interview only
  • We do not require International English Language Testing scores; however, if you have them, you can submit them. After the interview, the teacher will decide whether to request the International English Language Testing or not.
  • If you have a portfolio, please submit it upon enrollment.
  • Waived Application Fee 1,000 THB

Scholarship Exemption of 25% of tuition fee

The scholarships considered by ONLINE INTERVIEW only