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English : Bachelor of Business Administration Program in International Business and Entrepreneurship (International Program)


Full Title : Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business and Entrepreneurship) (International program)

Abbreviated in English : B.B.A. (International Business and Entrepreneurship) (International program)


1. IBN is dedicated to produce graduates who are successful entrepreneurs, visionary leaders, well-prepared to enter the global market. We aim to enrich their knowledge in business innovation, and establish sustainable businesses.

2. IBN emphasize project-based learning and create a network that facilitates the exchange of experiences and knowledge between students and experts both locally and internationally.

3. IBN fosters self-awareness and empathy, preparing students with 21st-century skills to thrive in diverse societies, and contribute value to organizations and communities.

IBN offers an internationally-focused business curriculum, comprehensively covering various aspects of global business dynamics, digital transformation, innovation, sustainability, and financial management. Students benefit from learning three languages: English, Japanese, and Thai, which promote cross-cultural understanding.

The program emphasizes the creation of entrepreneurs through the 'Beta Young Entrepreneur' project, spanning four years of learning. This project involves students actively in real-world situations to enhance their skills and develop their own business models. Students gain valuable experience and guidance from both local and international professors. They also participate in exchanging business ideas with students and professors from different countries.

Furthermore, IBN collaborates with Southern New Hampshire University for dual-degree programs and exchange opportunities in Japan, enriching students' global experiences.

The IBN program is designed to develop students into visionary entrepreneurs ready for the global market. It imparts knowledge in innovation and sustainable business creation through a 5-dimensional learning process, encompassing international business knowledge, cultural empathy, entrepreneurial spirit, global networking, and creativity and innovation.

This program prepares you for a global, diverse career, with opportunities across many sectors and industries.

·    Business Entrepreneur

·    Startup

·    Import and Export

·    Global Sales Executive

·    Financial Investor and Trader

·    Business Development and Consultants

·    Logistics and Supply Chain management

·    Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

·    Media planner

·    Influencer and Content Creator


1. Humanities course and Social Science course 3 credits

2. Natural Science and Mathematics course 6 credits

3. Language course 30 credits

2.1 Core Business course 36 credits

2.2 Required Major course 36 credits

2.3 Internship option

(I) Internship program option 1 credits

2.4 Elective Subjects Course

(I) Internship program option 12 credits

Free Elective Course 6 credits

Estimates / Total Tuition Fee 439,400 Baht / 4 Years