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English : Bachelor of Business Administration Program in International Business and Entrepreneurship (International Program)


Full Title : Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business and Entrepreneurship) (International program)

Abbreviated in English : B.B.A. (International Business and Entrepreneurship) (International program)


1. IBN is dedicated to produce quality graduates with the leadership skill and international business abilities to thrive in a global market.

2. Foster graduates’ entrepreneurial mindsets through beta projects as well as offer strategies and approaches advised by caliber professors and professionals.

3. Develop graduates to acquire confidence by providing hand-on learning experience while using 100 % international languages in English and Japanese effectively.

4. Prepare graduates to have 21st-Century Skills through Beta projects, and TNIC activities.

IBN is designed to equip students with international business understanding that correspond to a thriving global business environment and provide the students with the knowledge and approaches for success as business entrepreneurs.

This curriculum provides students with wide range of knowledge and be specialized in international business and entrepreneurship. Students learn to integrate subjects including Global Business Environment, Startups, Cross-Cultural Management, Strategy, Logistics Management, Global marketing, Finance, Innovation and Technology, Data Analytics, and Human Resource Management for the use in real-world business. Students are equipped to become future business leaders through the integration of business theories and practical applications.

IBN is a trilingual program that improves students' abilities to communicate in English, Japanese, and Thai. Furthermore, students are given the opportunities to comprehend and apply Japanese philosophies such as Kaizen (Continuous improvement), Monozukuri (Real practice), Ikigai (Life purpose), Makoto (Honesty), and Omotenashi (Hospitality) to their work and lives.

Over the four-year course of study, students have tested their own business concepts known as Beta projects with the mentoring teams of professors, and experts. Students develop specific tools and apply certain skills for being entrepreneurs, such as prototyping, UX/UI design.

IBN provides facilities and a learning environment that is truly international and diversified both professors and students from different countries such as Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, India, Egypt, Bhutan, Thai and so on. 

IBN offers a great extent in collaboration with Southern New Hampshire University to enhance academic opportunities for dual-degree program (3+1 program). Students are able to explore their experiences in Japan and other countries through Exchange Programs, where they can further practice English or Japanese speaking, enhance their self-confidence, and help prepare themselves for a future profession.

This program prepares you for a global, diverse career, with opportunities across many sectors and industries.

·       Business Development and Consultants

·       Logistics and Supply Chain management

·       Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

·       Business Entrepreneur

·       Startup

·       Global Sales Executive

·       Financial Investor and Trader

·       Marketing Manager

·       Media planner

·       Influencer and Content Creator

·       Recruitment consultant


1. Humanities course and Social Science course 3 credits

2. Natural Science and Mathematics course 6 credits

3. Language course 30 credits

2.1 Core Business course 36 credits

2.2 Required Major course 36 credits

2.3 Internship option

(I) Internship program option 1 credits

2.4 Elective Subjects Course

(I) Internship program option 12 credits

Free Elective Course 6 credits

Estimates / Total Tuition Fee 439,400 Baht / 4 Years