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Motto: Thai-Nichi International College is taught according to the Japanese educational philosophy and is the only one in Thailand.

" 5Is: Inspiration - Interdisciplinary - International - Interconnections - Innovation  "

Accreditation, The Thai-Nichi International College (TNIC) is fully accredited by MHESI (Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation) and ONESQA (Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment). TNIC’s graduates enjoy the same privileges as accorded by state university graduates.

DGE (Digital Engineering), B.Eng., is the modernized multidisciplinary curriculum that incorporates digital technology with classical engineering fields (Electrical, Computer, Mechanical Engineering) and emerging technologies.   

DSA (Data Science and AI), B.Sc., program focuses on an insightful data analytics process and the use of data with Artificial Intelligence will define how an organization achieves specific business goals.

IBN (International Business and Entrepreneurship), BBA., program is determined to produce graduates’ competence in international businesses, technology, international communication, and entrepreneurial mindset. Students will gain real-world business experience through the Beta project with faculty and experts mentoring them.

BEI (Business Engineering and Innovation), B.Eng. is the newest curriculum offered by TNIC. BEI is a multidisciplinary program integrating Engineering, Business management, and IT. A Business Engineer is a business-minded engineers equipped with AI & IT skills.



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General Science class (GBM-110) 🔬🧪🌡️

Today's General Science class (GBM-110) The students conducted radiation observations using a small cloud (chilled) chamber.Invisible radiation is visualized in a chamber…