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English : Japanese for International Business (International Program)


Full Title : Bachelor of Arts (Japanese for International Business) 

Abbreviation : B.A. (Japanese for International Business)


        Students, after graduation, will be equipped with good command of both Japanese and English as well as professional expertise in business administration to work in Japanese, Thai or international organizations. 

JIB is an outstanding Japanese language curriculum. Not only will students study Japanese intensively from basic to advanced level but they also explore specialized managerial Japanese as well as practical courses in business administration. The proportion of courses between Japanese and business administration as well as others is approximately 70:30.

In this program, students will engage in activities with university students in Japan, developing language skills with the native speakers throughout the 4 years of study. They can also participate in student exchange programs in Japan and choose between an internship or co-operative education in Japan for 6 months to 1 year.

  1. Jobs related to Japanese language or international business in both Japanese and multinational organizations
  2. International Trade career
  3. Entrepreneur
  4. Japanese and/or Multinational Organizations Secretary
  5. Interpreter in Japanese, English and/or Thai
  6. Japanese, English and/or Thai translators
  7. Freelance
  8. Further studies in Japanese language or in business administration


1. Humanities and Social Sciences 6 Credits

2. Science and Mathematics 3 Credits

3. Languages 24 Credits

2.1 Core Courses 33 Credits

(I) Business Course 12 Credits

(II) Japanese Language Course 21 Credits

2.2 Major Courses 39 Credits

(I) Business Course 15 Credits

(II) Japanese Language Course 24 Credits

2.3 Co-operative Education or Internship Program Option  

(I) Co-operative Education 7 Credits

(II) Internship Program 1 Credits

2.4 Elective Courses  

(I) Co-operative Education 9 Credits

(II) Internship Program 15 Credits

Free Elective Course Minimum 6 Credits

Estimates / Total Tuition Fee 437,000 Baht / 4 Years