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“Direct Admission” Application for Bachelor’s Degree in International Program for the Academic Year 2023

Apply now >>https://reg.tni.ac.th/registrar/apphome.asp

“General qualifications of applicants”

  • The student must be studying in M. 6, grade 12, year 13, or equivalent education level at either the TNIC School Network or other schools.
  • The direct admission average annual GPAX is unlimited.

“With eligibility to receive a scholarship worth 20,000 Baht.”

The scholarships considered by ONLINE INTERVIEW only

*** These are bound-free scholarships no obligation to reimburse the institution after graduation.***

Document Requied:

  1. Dipolma or Education certificates ( GPAX at lease 4 semesters)
  2. Copied of ID Card or Passport

Application Submission Schedule for Direct Admission

Direct Admissions Announcement 2023

Click below to download Direct Admission Announcement 2023

How to apply at TNIC