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English : Bachelor of Engineering Program in Business Engineering and Innovation (Multidisciplinary Curriculum) (International Program)


Full Title : Bachelor of Engineering (Business Engineering and Innovation) (International program)

Abbreviated in English : B.Eng. (Business Engineering and Innovation) (International program)


1. To produce graduates, each of who is a combination between an engineering technologist and a business administrator. They are engineers with business acumen who can help an organization to solve difficult decision-making problems, based on knowledge of data science and analytics.

2. To produce engineers with multidisciplinary skills including industrial engineering, digital engineering, business management, and data science and analytics. They act as bridges of communication between different departments in an organization.

3. To produce engineers with skills of developing design and innovation along with project management ability.  

4. Enable graduates to have a proven communication in English and Japanese languages.

Business Engineering and Innovation (BEI) curriculum is designed to create engineers which are skillful in both engineering and business management. They also have abilities of using analytical techniques, based on Data Science and Data Analytics. By following this program, the students will be developed their knowledge in fundamental engineering processes, industrial management, information technology skills, global business administration, finance and economics along with language and communication skills. In addition, they will learn processes of designing products and services together with project management.

  1. Business engineer 
  2. Innovation management engineer
  3. Project manager / Project management engineer
  4. Application engineer for industry and business sectors
  5. Data analyst / Data scientist in business, industry, and banking sectors
  6. Factory manager / Industrial engineer
  7. International logistics manager / International logistics engineer 
  8. Entrepreneur


1. Social Sciences and Humanities 3 Credits

2. Languages 24 Credits

3. Science and Mathematics 3 Credits

2.1 Core Courses 28 Credits

2.2 Major Courses 43 Credits

2.3 Elective Courses 15 Credits

2.4 Practice Courses  

  (I) Cooperative study 7 Credits

  (II) Projects and practices 7 Credits

Free Elective Course Minimum 6 Credits

Estimates / Total Tuition Fee 451,400 Baht / 4 Years